Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hibernation: A Recap!

I spend the cold, wet, months of Portland's winter hibernating (read: working in my studio). But that's not to say that time is completely devoid of motorcycles. In fact Portland is home to one of the cooler handmade motorcycle shows in the country: The One Motorycycle Show. It falls in early February, and this year aligned perfectly with Portland's own "Snowpocalypse". Perfect timing for all those rad group rides hoping to zip around the city and wind up at the show.

Far be it for me to take anything other than a two-wheeled ride to the show, but not about to fight the KLR the whole way there, I opted to throw some zip ties around the wheels on my dirt jumper (quick studded tires) and pedal my way over.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What the heck is South of The Dalles?!

If someone were to ask me if I've ever ridden around South of The Dalles, Oregon much I'd probably replied, "No. And why the f*ck would I?". To be fair I think a lot of folks would have the same opinion. In planning trips I pour over maps for hours to find interesting roads and terrain. More often than not these roads fall into those lush green color coded areas indicating a National Forest. Much of central Oregon falls into the category of "Nothingness". Many family roadtrips through central Oregon as a kid taught me it's a barren roadless wasteland of hot, dry,  dying farmland. I wouldn't hesitate to completely skip over this portion of a map...

Leave it up to a handful of Bicyclists to prove everything I just said: WRONG.