I'm Still Here.

It's been nearly 4 months since my last post to the blog. FOUR MONTHS of glorious weather in the Pacific Northwest (minus the wettest September on record since forever: THAT sucked). Truly, this weather why so many folks move out here: Incredibly mild summers, clear skies, perfect temps, and enough twisty roads to burn up a set of Metzlers in a month. So after long last I'm ready to finally ready to sit down and write it all out.

Are you stoked to hear about all my epic rides this summer?

I didn't go on any.

That's right, other than two short day trips, and the occasional commute to work, I didn't get any riding in. Believe me, no one feels more cheated about it than I do. And I guess that's how it works with passions like these. I'm not a sponsored rider, I don't have hoards of free time, and no piles of money, so all of the desire in the world only goes so far (Read: nowhere). The short of it is that sometimes life gets in the way of what you love.

After my Crater Lake trip I had to make some job changes (thankfully by choice) which led to some hard times at my furniture studio (not by choice). Everything has finally stabilized and I'm finding my finances and free time becoming far less depressing. I'm one of those folks who takes a really shitty situation and knuckles down to power through it, even if it comes at the sacrifice of my weekends, evenings, dating life, and friends. So while everyone was out riding I was building making custom snowboard furniture:

And skateboard accessories...

And I even decided to get into the market of fabricating custom Cargo Bikes. I'm calling them "Retrofiets" (Look up "Bakfiet" if you don't get it).

This is the test-ride-build picture, just before it gets disassembled and sent off to powdercoat. 

All of this on top of working 40 hours a week as a bicycle mechanic down at Sellwood Cycle Repair. (come by and say Hi if you get the chance. We always accept beer donations).

And now you're probably thinking, "So that's it? A bunch of shameless self promotion and nothing about effing motorcycles?!" Don't worry, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Some of you might remember a little 1972 BMW R75/5 project I was working on? A bike that sat for nearly a decade looking just like this:

Well I'm pleased to announce that after an immense amount of help from my good friend Curtis, and a steady paycheck from the bike shop, I was finally able to get her running and take her out on the road. 

Curtis and I spent a sizable portion of several days slowly piecing it back together, getting it to fire, and ordering in a few small parts to have it running. Yesterday was the final long push to getting it out on the road. It still needs to have the carbs gone through again, new throttle cables, and that whole license and registration thing (it also looks like I'm gonna need a new helmet for this bike! haha). Regardless, yesterday was a momentous day. This restoration has been in the works for nearly 12 years, and the bike hasn't run in nearly a decade (maybe more). I'm more than stoked to have added another sexy lady to my stable of motorcycles...

The final silver lining was the short ride I got out on today through the West Hills of Portland. Nothing epic, but it's hard to beat a ride through winding roads and trees full of autumn leaves under clear blue skies on a warm fall day (I even stopped to snap a picture along the way just for you guys. It's the first one of this post). So when you can't get out and ride how you'd like to just remember to be patient and focused. Those roads aren't going anywhere. They'll be there when you're ready.


  1. fuck yes. Glad you're still around. Happy you got that sexy lady in red fired up and ready.


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