Chuckanut Drive and my "Work" Trip.

Earlier this summer I began working for a rad bicycle shop here in Portland. We're primarily a Kona dealer and as such we have opportunity to attend Kona's annual "Launch Party" up in Bellingham, Washington where they debut all of their next year's bikes. It's definitely not an open to the public kind of thing. Lots of bike demos, and drinking... Anyway the point is when I found out our shop would be attending for several days I loaded up the KLR and told everyone that I'd meet them up there.

Far be it for me to miss a chance to do some riding around Puget Sound.

The first part of the trip involved a dead-head to Seattle. After living there for nearly 10 years I still have a lot of friends up there I'm always stoked to see. We had an awesome evening riding bikes (of the pedal variety) around the city, going to a BBQ, and at some point around 3 in the morning I found myself bombing downhill through back alleys with a beautiful barefooted woman sitting on the handlebars of my BMX bike. She told me all about Mimosa trees.

Damn I miss that city.

So the next morning I picked up a new hitchhiker (the bike, not the girl...) and broke north.
Bikes on bikes! Everyone's doing it!

I seem to recall the phrase "Hey you want to see something stupid?" being uttered before I sussed out how to strap the thing down to the motorcycle.

From Seattle I rode up to Mukilteo and caught the ferry over to Whidbey Island. The main highway WA-525) through Whidbey is perfect for a lazy sunday ride as it takes you through scenic countryside and up over Deception Pass (Absolutely amazing on a clear day, or night). Certainly there was no shortage of lazy sunday drivers clogging up the roads, but when you have a whole day to get from Seattle to Bellingham who cares?!

I ended up headed Eastbound on WA-20 and took a left on Farm to Market Rd to ride north towards Bellingham.  There's a small valley you drop into that provides a pretty stunning view of the northern part of Puget Sound.

After following main roads north-ish I hit Chuckanut Drive. It's amazing how long I lived up there and never took a moto up to Chuckanut Dr. It's truly one of the more amazing day rides from the city of Seattle. As long as you're able to time the road in between lumbering camper vans it's packed full of epic twisties along stunning shoreline. And yes you can ride it on any sort of bike. Though being on a dualsport put me more at ease with the rock debris that tends to show up where you'd least like it. It's fun, but mellow. (And yeah yeah... I realize I can't profess to be much of an adventure rider when I'm highlighting casual paved day rides, but it was a rough summer for riding.)

My time in Bellingham was spent doing a fair amount of riding a high end carbon fiber cyclocross bike on technical mountain bike trails:
And a little bit of this:
Rough couple of days at the office, let me tell ya.

By the way the BMX bike on the back of the KLR worked out great. I mean, why limit yourself to just one set of wheels? And it makes for a great way to stretch your legs when you get where you're going. Maybe pour yourself a mimosa before you pedal away...


  1. Chuckanut is sooo fun. Hope you didn't get stuck behind some smelly Canadians. I live in Bellingham, would of invited you for some cold ones if I would known you were coming this way. Lots of small breweries here. Glad you got to put some miles on the KLR. Where abouts did you get to BMX? Any place called Galbraith, by chance?

    1. We were up around Galbraith. Awesome trail network up there. I definitely need to make it back there soon. I'll let you know. A beer while I'm in town might be just the ticket. Especially if you can point me towards some more good trails while I'm there.


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