Thursday, June 27, 2013

A trip to the Crater Lakes (AKA "the ride of 1,000 mistakes")

So you're probably thinking, "Dude, there's only ONE Crater Lake." and well... you're wrong. But we'll get to that so just CTFO for a second. Secondly, I feel this trip warranted some explanation in an introduction (skip it if you want, I don't plan to make this a regular thing: these introductions).

Introduction: When I first started this blog I had this grand vision of writing about all the awesome adventures I've had on my motorcycle so others might be inspired to go out and do the same. I've been more or less riding since I was 9 years old, and now that I'm in my 30s I feel I'm becoming quite the adept dualsport rider.  I'd like fancy myself a bit of an adventurer. But this last weekend I got put in my place. Nature will take the unprepared and hand them their ass. I thought about glossing over the sordid bits and just talking about the amazing stuff I saw, but I think there's a lot to learn from my failure too. I can't imagine anyone looks up to me for the handful of posts I've made so far anyway, so I don't have far to fall by confessing I was caught so ill prepared on my recent trip. Hopefully everyone can do a little "do as I say, not as I do" after reading this.

My trip to Crater Lake has been on my list for a long time. Two summers ago my fiance and I wanted to go. I kept chomping at the bit to head down there and she kept wanting me to wait till we could go together. It didn't work out (the relationship, and the trip). Then last summer I had a small crew of friends really excited about going on motorcycles, but one thing led to another and it never panned out. So this year I'd decided once the weather got nice I was going to do it. Two weeks ago I received an invitation to go to a cabin with some friends near Mt. Hood but when I asked for more details I never heard anything back. Sensing a trend I thought, F*ck it, I'll go to Crater Lake. This was solidified when I received a different invitation from a friend who was going to be camping near Mt. Hood at my favorite little spot: Clear Lake. I had to work on Saturday but with a spot to stay near Mt. Hood I could get a head start on the trip if I left right after work. Friday night was spent packing and prepping. I keep most all my gear in one place so I really only had to stop by the studio to put together a tool bag, buy some food, and get everything ready to strap on the bike.

One long-ass day of work later I zipped out of town, made a quick stop at Government Camp for a small bottle of whiskey, and arrived at the campground on Clear Lake. There are apparently several Clear Lakes in Oregon. No, I haven't been to the other ones but I can unquestionably say this one is my favorite:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back Yard Maintenance

You would think a guy with an art/fabrication studio would have himself a sweet setup for wrenching on bikes too. I've definitely brainstormed some great ways to temporarily convert my fabrication table. I also wouldn't have to worry about shuttling tools around, and have access to my welders and such.

In reality my wrenching setup looks like this:

Yup. Posted up on a semi truck rim in the back yard, and by choice.