Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Alley Sweeper!

A couple years back I moved from my home in Seattle down to cozy little Portland.  One of the main reasons I made the move was for "Free Bike Fun". There's much fun to be had on two wheels and Portland has somehow found a way to bottle and sell if for... er free. I mean FREE! Call me what you will, but I originally moved here for the the pedal bike brand of fun. So imagine my amazement when I found out the moto culture in PDX was also all about the free bike fun movement.

Let me paint a little picture for you. See, Portland is filled with lots of signs like this:

These signs mark the entryway to over 140 miles of unimproved public roadways inside the city limits. Often these are back alleys and many could just as easily be mistaken for part of someone's yard. In fact many people treat these roads as if they're private property (more on that in a bit... Gotta wait for the juicy bits) but they're public roadways nevertheless.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY KLR 650 "Chirp removal" exhaust mod

Most KLR riders are familiar with the distinctive "chirp" of it's exhaust. It's less blatant in the new generation of KLRs but the older bikes chirp like a flock of drunken finches, and honestly I hate it. Ditching the KLR's iconic exhaust sound is something that's been covered on many online forums, but here's my take on on it.

If you enjoy the chirp then just stop reading... Unless you're into that whole morbid curiosity thing.

The easiest solution would be to buy a new slip-on exhaust. Believe me, I'd like to. The stock exhaust doesn't sound great (chirp aside), it's heavy, and really bulky, but my ass is broke, and besides I really like making cool shit, so why not have a little fun here?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ride the Pipeline

When headed from Point A to Point Wherever we get stuck on getting there via the fastest way possible. Even I get hung up on that sometimes. It's easy to stick to the roads you know and forget to take your time and venture out. I've adopted a personal mantra to pay attention to those random urges to turn down certain roads when I'm out riding. I'll be cruising along and all of the sudden my subconcious says, "OH SNAP! Turn here!". Of course dualsports make it even easier to just head off down a road in a fearless fashion. No worries about running into dirt, or anything else... Don't know why, but it does, and  usually I'm rewarded with my compliance. That's how I found the pipeline.