Don't call it a comeback.

The KLR in 2006
Years ago I had a grand vision of recording and relaying the trips I took by motorcycle throughout the great northwest. Well, maybe not a grand vision, but certainly an enjoyable task. There are so many great places to travel by bike that it's hard not to share with others. I think most great places I've ridden have been because someone told me where to go, or recommended a route to me.

So here I am again. Back after so many years, ready to give it another go.  I'll begin with the most notable trip I took up through British Columbia back in 2003. It's an archived blog I wrote at the time, posted in it's original form (soooo that means it's not edited by my older, wiser, self...  Sorry in advance). And soon to come will be many more rides I've been on since.

So kick back and enjoy. With any luck you'll find yourself a new place to ride yourself!

The KLR in 2012


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