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Exploring Oregon, Pt. 1

I'm not too much of a reader. Knowing how to read isn't the issue, but rather I struggle dedicating enough time to the act. I enjoy it, but don't often fit it in to my daily routine. That said I've been slowly making my way through Blue Highways , by William Least Heat Moon. I'm sure it's a cliche that someone writing a motorcycle travel blog would have that book, but it's still fitting, and I find it a pleasurable read. My point is I came across a quote where a man said he was "hanging off the drop edge of yonder". He was of course referencing death, but I've grown pretty fond of the saying all the same. To me it isn't something so morose, but a reference to that place I'm always seeking on my KLR. That point in which the whole world seems to fall off and you find yourself riding into the void. Heading towards adventure driven by the curiosity of what lies around the next curve. The list of places I want to explore is undoubtedly a

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